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The reasons to attend 2021's show have increased significantly, here’s just a few....

        • An opportunity after COVID19 to finally see all your industry peers and all the new product available for a bright new year
        • More exhibitor diversity, more products, many of your favourite brands – all under one roof!
        • Exceptional show specials from so many exhibitors – specially designed for our belated anniversary celebration
        • Ongoing fashion shows displaying the best from all our exhibitors
        • “Best Product of the Year” competition – bigger than ever before – you vote for the winner
        • President’s Reception dinner, drinks and mingling


“The LLHA Show is a good opportunity each year for us to write orders and have key face to face time with our Canadian specialty accounts while showing new styles."

Emran Sheikh,
President, Heys International Ltd.
Mississauga, ON

“I think it’s really important for new exhibitors to have some continuity in a show. As a regular retailer attendee to the LLHA Show, I really enjoy seeing new vendors to see if there’s some exciting new products I may be missing in my store, however, I do like to see these new companies show up a few times as it makes me more interested in what they have to offer and proves their longevity in the industry.

I don’t think a new exhibitor to an industry should always assume they’ll get instant orders the first time they show up. For smaller independents with limited floor space, they need to realize that a store would most likely need to stop carrying an existing product/brand to make space for a new product. That’s why seeing them a few times is so important.”

Christine Beben, President
Just Bags Luggage Center
Toronto, ON

“I attended the 2018 LLHA Show and as usual it was very productive for our company. The partnerships and friendships that we have with our vendors is truly an indication of what this industry is all about. While the show might be a bit smaller, it’s more efficient in my opinion.
By booking appointments in advance it is easy to fill my schedule for both days and spend better quality time with our suppliers and also have the opportunity to learn about new vendors and products. It would be a real mistake to miss the show given what it has to offer. Thank you for a great show and see you in 2019.”

Guy Paquette, Director of Corporate Operations
Bagot Leather Goods
Kingston, ON

“I absolutely love coming to the LLHA Show, it’s awesome. When it moved to September it was so upsetting that I couldn’t make that time of year, but now that it’s back to April, I wouldn’t miss it.

I’m a big proponent of supporting local and would much prefer to buy from my local Canadian distributors if at all possible. I’ve formed such great relationships with my suppliers, the comradery is very special to me.

I also found some really interesting new exhibitors at this year’s show with great products. I certainly did a lot of shopping at the 2018 LLHA Show and look forward to 2019’s.”

GayeAnn Walsh, Owner
Walsh Luggage
Saint John, NB

“We were very pleased to come back to the show this year, it’s been quite a while. When the show moved to fall time, timing didn’t work for us, but now that it’s back to April, timing is ideal.

It was great to see some of our vendors that we’ve not seen for a while and also some of the new exhibitors. One of the new exhibitor’s products were so ideal for our store that it made the trip worthwhile just in meeting them. We feel this show is very beneficial to us as a business and if timing continues in April, we will definitely be back again next year."

Richard Smerek, Principle
The Travelman
Lethbridge, AB

“There is no doubt that most trade shows are getting smaller due to changes in the retail business environment. However, I found that those who attended the show were genuine quality retail customers wanting to find out what was new in the market and they were ready to place orders.

Due to our office and warehouse move, we wanted to clear out some of the end-of-the line items. The Show was a great occasion for the this. It turned out that most of these items were gone on the first day of the show. I had a western retailer telling me that the savings he got from ordering the clearance items had already paid for their trip to the show.

Those who had not attended the show should know that they missed out on some great deals.”

Ivan Lam, President
Samboro Luggage
Toronto, ON

"We at Landau Sacamoto, have exhibited in the LLHA show for over 30 years, and although there have been many changes in the industry, we still feel the show is an important vehicle to reach out to customers and allows us to present our product for all current and fall programs. We also found that moving the show to April has certainly helped the decision making of the attending retailers.

We were pleasantly surprised as to the number of stores that came from across Canada. Their feedback was very positive. One interesting comment was that what they found at the show more than paid for their travel expenses and time taken away from their stores, so it was quite beneficial to them.

We at Landau were also very happy with the reaction from the customers at the show. They were there to work.

I think once word spreads amongst the retailers that the show is beneficial, I am sure we will see an uptick on attendance going forward. I know we will be there."

Terry Mason
Landau Sacamoto
Montreal, QC

"If you want to make it in the luggage business in Canada, attending the LLHA show is essential. We had a very successful show for our first time here, meeting other folks in this industry that got us started selling our cases immediately! I commend the LLHA management team as they were there to guide us through all the logistical steps needed to participate. It all went smoothly. We are very happy with the LLHA show and will definitely be back next year. Thank You!"

Carol Elms, President
Aleon Case (new exhibitor)
Davis, California

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